Friday, November 23, 2007

New #5 - The Kitchen Counters

Now, you'd think that being that I'm not working many hours, it would be easy to keep an immaculate house. Not so. You'd be very surprised at how easy it is to fill a day with a little of everything...a little sleeping in (not too late), which means going to the gym later, a little more visiting with friends, a little more time to do errands around town (which probably would have gone undone, otherwise), a little time on the computer (ok, maybe more than a little)....SO as a small, attainable goal, working towards the goal of having a clean, mostly neat house (I don't mind a little "lived in" look...just not messy or dirty), my goal is to keep my kitchen counters clear of dirty dishes, mail, other paper, etc., etc., etc., as of bedtime each night for 1 week, any 7 day stretch.

5.1 - LONG Overdue

Apparently I've been living with Aaron for FAR too long...the punniness is really starting to rub off on me....AUGHGHGHGH!!!!

I went to the library to get a card. Very exciting. I filled out the info, paid my $10. They said I had to wait about 10 minutes to get everything in the computer, but I had places to be, so I said I'd come back and pick it up........................

.................A few hours later I returned to pick up my library card. A different worker was there, but said I couldn't have the card as I had outstanding overdue fees from my last card (I had almost forgotten I ever had a card before...). She didn't seem to really know what the deal was, so called the worker I had talked to earlier...I owed a grand total of $2.84, which HAD to be paid before they could release my card to me. A couple of things ran through my mind. First of all, I suddenly felt like some sort of petty criminal, as if I was trying to get a NEW library card to avoid paying my old fees. Or at least that's what I thought THEY thought... Secondly, I thought HOW ridiculous is this? I obviously got this card so I could use it...I'm obviously going to be back, so what if I don't pay the $2.84 right now? I dug through my wallet, and found I had about $0.78...between the ridiculosity of it all and the annoyance I felt at feeling like a petty criminal, I was ready to just say "forget it," but I didn't want to have to think about the $2.06 that I would have to bring in the next time...THEN, miracle of miracles, I found a $5 stashed in behind some cards in my wallet. Whew. So, I paid the $2.84. Now I have my library card.

Now if I could just find the $50 I seem to have misplaced...Grrr.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going to the Library TODAY.


Upon reading the current 5 things, I realized that the climate and change of life view will make three of them either impossible to do, or really unnecessary. SO....I'm replacing my resume goal with braving the bikini wax for the first time, my concrete-raking goal with losing 15 pounds and my painting goal with cleaning all of the ceiling fans in the house. They are dirty...the fans, I mean.