Thursday, September 20, 2007

New #5

I LOVE reading...but it's one of those loves that's been left by the wayside the past few years....and one that I'd like to pick up again now that I'm taking this year "off." Being that taking this year off requires some financial sacrifice, a library card seems like the best way to indulge my love of reading without breaking the bank....though I would LOVE to be able to buy all those books myself....but....

Going to the library to get a library card.

5.2 This turned out to be more complicated than I thought...

Aaron's foot has really been bugging him (the cast, more specifically), so he's kept putting off going...but tonight was the LAST night, so I was going...with or without him....

He ended up coming, and we met our friends Norm and Stacey at the theatre for a double date. They got a babysitter for their kids, and we took a gamble and left the cat home alone. Ha.

Anyways, it was SO HILARIOUS! I haven't laughed that much in such a short amount of time in FOREVER....The basic premise is that Mr. Bean wins a trip to the French Riviera, along with a video camera. Of course, nothing goes right and his trusty camera is there to capture every hilarious and embarassing moment...If you like Bean, GO see this movie. The ending is a little cheesy (ok, a LOT cheesy), but the ride is worth it...:)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

5.1 - Yay! It's HERE!!!!

As I drove to work on Friday morning, I passed by the theatre to see (oh joy, oh JOY!!) that the Mr. Bean movie has arrived in my town!!! Unfortunately, with Aaron's freshly broken foot, he can't go until a little later this I'll have to wait...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

1.2...Procrastination sets in...

I keep PLANNING to do a little bit of raking each day, but it's usually last on my list of things to do..after dishes, putting away laundry, all the other daily things. SO, even though I have to work early tomorrow, I'm GOING to get up before I go to the gym and rake downstairs for at least 1/2 hour...I promise.

New #4

New goal: File the papers that I sorted out of the "shredding" pile that need to be saved.

I hope this isn't too "small..." It seems small, but I HATE filing things. I hate having to save drives me nuts. If I don't put it on here, I'm never going to get to it...until the pile is huge, or has attracted papers that should be shredded...

(Next time I complete a goal, I'm going to replace it with something FUN!)

4.1 - Does it count if someone else does it FOR you?

Aaron went out and bought a paper shredder today, and shredded a bunch of stuff. We didn't have as much as Petra, but that's not counting the 2-3 boxes in the decided "back-shredding" was just too overwhelming, so we'll wait till those boxes are 10 years old, then pitch them in the dump. They'll decompose!

New Petersen Paper Plan:
1)If it's a bill, it goes in the folder, gets shredded after it's paid.
2)If it's a personal document with name, address, etc., that is unwanted and unnecessary, it gets shredded NOW.

I finished the rest of the shredding while chatting on MSN tonight. I was very careful not to go beyond the "recommended shredding time" specified in the manual....I learned my lesson when I burnt out our first paper shredder in about 2 weeks. Whoops! I think the current stuff is now taken care of and the Triple P Plan can commence.

Here's to a paper-clutter-less existence!!!