Monday, June 23, 2008

Things I've Completed Without Knowing It.

So, I'm back again. I don't know what happened to March, April, May and most of June...where did the time go?

I was looking over my list and realized that I've completed a few of the items.

#1. Finish reading "The Case for Christ." I finished it the other day, actually. It was a really good read, but honestly, I couldn't tell you all the things that were in it. It's quite heavy and while it makes perfect sense and did nothing but solidify my belief in Jesus Christ, if you asked me what about the book made me feel that way, all I could do is tell you to read the book. I ordered the student versions of "The Case for Christ" and "The Case for Faith" and so far, it's interesting to compare the two "Case for Christ" editions. So far, the student edition says basically the same thing, but in a simpler way. I guess simple minds need simple explanations.

#3. Finish the "Family" wall at church. Something else I just finished the other day. I'll get a picture up here soon. It looks pretty good. ALMOST as good as I had envisioned it.

#4. File the papers. I don't even know where these papers are now. I hope they weren't important.

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